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College Credit for Your Apprenticeship Training

The Electrical Training Alliance, working with the American Council on Education (ACE), has submitted Apprenticeship Courses for evaluation and establishment of recommended college credit for each year of the apprenticeship program. When you register your apprenticeship training with ACE, through the Electrical Training Alliance, you are eligible to get a transcript which you can take to your community college or university to receive college credit. The availability and amount of credit will be dependent on the college/university you apply to, and the type of degree you are seeking.

The American Council on Education (ACE) has recently revised the application procedure for our College Credit program. Effective immediately, all applications for college credit using the Electrical Training Alliance/ACE program must be submitted using the new form that appears on the page following this information sheet.

In order to apply for credit recommendations, you simply need to complete the form and submit it with your application fee to the Electrical Training Alliance. This is a one time cost, and will allow you to register any training you receive which has been evaluated for credit recommendations with the ACE transcript service.

You will notice that the form allows you to enroll for credit at the end of each year of your apprenticeship, or after you have completed your entire apprenticeship. The choice is yours. However, when you submit a credit request, you must enter each year of apprenticeship (course number and completion date) you are applying for. For example, if you wait until you complete the entire "Inside Wireman" curriculum to apply for credit, and you also completed the Tech Math course, you would apply for credit for courses: 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005 and 0015. You would enter applicable completion dates for all six entries, as well. Your total (one time) cost for these credits would be $45.00.

If, on the other hand, you applied after you completed the Tech Math course and the First Year of the Inside curriculum, you would apply for credit for courses: 0001 and 0015. Since this would be your first application, you would also send your one time $45.00 fee with the application. The next year, after completing Second Year, you could apply for credit for course 0002. This time, when you send the form in you would NOT include any additional fees – remember, the $45.00 is only paid once per student. After an individual student account is established with ACE, you may add to it, free of charge, as you complete additional Electrical Training Alliance credit-approved courses.

Remember, credit is now available for all four of the Electrical training Alliance apprenticeship curriculum's: Inside, Outside, Residential and Telecommunications Installer/Technician. Credit is also available for those who complete the Electrical Training Alliance Tech Math course.

It is important to point out that having the ACE recommended credits does not suggest that all credits will apply toward any and all degrees. Some colleges may be reluctant to accept the credits and all courses are not guaranteed to apply toward all college degree programs. NONETHELESS, having these ACE credits on one’s resume – for a cost of only $45 – is a bargain to say the least and should be obtained by all of our graduates.

For more information, please visit www.acenet.edu

If you have not received information pertaining to an ACE application you had sent in, please contact ACE directly at 202-939-9434. They will be able to advise you on the status of your application. Please note, it typically takes 13 weeks for all applications to be processed.

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