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Local 102 continues a long tradition of offering continuing education at Union County College. The partnership between Local 102 and Union County College helps provide our members with the most diverse continuing education program in the state. Over 100 courses, Certificate Programs, and workshops pack our newly designed catalog. All courses are FREE of charge to our members. You must register for all classes directly with Union County College*. Union County College will then forward to the JATC a list of registered students for approval. You may register for up to 2 classes per semester. Please review the general information page of the catalog for complete guidelines.

Please be aware that you are subject to the policies of Union County College. If the JATC is charged for a class that you did not complete (ie. - no show, withdrew after set deadline, failed the course) you may be suspended from this training program until restitution has been made to the JATC. Please refer to the general information page of the catalog for complete details.

* Inspector Courses held at Local 102, as noted on the general information page of the catalog, are registered for through the JATC office.

You may access the catalog by clicking on the link below or from the Local 102 website

you may follow the Union County College link on the right of your screen.


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