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38th International Convention Adjourned - Article From the International Website - (9/25/2011)

Convention Closes on Note of Solidarity and Goodwill

September 24, 2011

The 38th IBEW Convention adjourned at noon on Friday, Sept. 23rd following the close of discussions on reports from the Resolutions and Law committees.

The week in Vancouver was marked by serious discussion on the future direction of the IBEW and the labor movement. Talk was followed with action.

President Hill and Secretary-Treasurer Chilia were unanimously elected to chart the union’s course into the next period of challenging economic times.

The convention voted a per capita increase that will provide for new resources to enable more organizing and more political activism to defend and extend the gains of the trade union movement into the next five years.

On Friday, as in prior days of the convention, speakers underscored the IBEW’s critical role in North America’s future.
U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis addressed the convention by video.  She said:

When workers have a voice, their workplaces are safer and their families are more
secure. We need to rebuild America and I know the IBEW is ready to get to work.

Attending his 11th convention before announcing his retirement Friday as IBEW General Counsel, Larry Cohen compared the dire state of labor rights five years ago to the gains made under the Obama administration, calling upon delegates to fight for the President Obama’s re-election.

After a rousing address by Adrian Dix, leader of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, President Hill answered a question from the young workers delegation and nominated delegates to the conventions of the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department, Canadian Labour Congress and others.

Closing the 38th International Convention, Hill thanked the locals and members of the First District for their hospitality and said:

What we have done here today, what we have done this week and what we have said here is all going down on the record. It's now part of our legacy. But more important, it's the basis on which we are going to build the future. You have made your voices heard. You have voted on the direction of this great union. You have represented your members very well. Thank you, thank you for having the courage to do what was best for the future of this brotherhood.


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