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14Th Annual Labor Candidates School & Non-Partisan Election Training Schedule - (2/23/2010)

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has built the best Labor Candidates Program in the country.  Rank and file union members have won 592 elections and now represent working families in public offices within the State Senate and Assembly, on County Freeholder Boards, in our towns as Mayors, Aldermen, Committee and Council Members, Fire Commissioners, and on School Boards across the state.

The Labor Candidates School and Non-Partisan Training Seminars are the cornerstones of this successful political program.  Election experts instruct union members about fundraising, election law, research, message development, public speaking, media relations, voter contact, volunteer recruitment, targeting, and get-out-the-vote efforts.  Participants are awarded full scholarships by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO.  The Labor Candidates School and Non-Partisan Training Seminar are scheduled as follows:

March 27, 2010/school board-non partisan election seminar in Trenton 

August 14&15, 2010/Labor Candidates School, Rutgers University Continuing Studies Conference Center

Pursuant to the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates Resolution, union members seeking election to public office must secure the support of their local union presiding officer who shall then notify the Central Labor Council and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO.  All non-imcumbent Labor Candidates are required to graduate from the Labor Candidates School or Seminar and be review by the Central Labor Council before resources can be earmarked for his/her election campaign.

If any of our members are interested in this, please contact this office.

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