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Attention Members - (12/15/2008)


Many members have taken the initiative to improve their skills by taking extra training & safety courses thru our JATC. We encourage all the members of Local 102 to take advantage of the courses that are offered to keep your skills honed and safety practices sharp and up to date.
 With all of this in mind, we need to remind you to update your records with the union hall each time you complete a course or update your certifications. If you receive a completion certificate or a certification card please make a point to stop in the referral office to have a copy placed in your file and have your records updated in the computer system. There are many members that have taken the time to sit thru these training courses but have failed to notify the hall so the referral office is unaware that you have the new certification. We do our best to try and keep track of the members certifications but in order to make sure your records are kept up to date in our system please contact the hall every time you get a new certification or renew your current certifications. We have also found that some members have received certifications while working on jobsites thru the employer or from an outside organization and you have not notified the hall that you have received the certifications.   We are trying to maintain an accurate listing of all the member’s certifications but we can only do so with your help. We need you to keep the hall informed of all your certifications and completion dates.  

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