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Coronavirus Referral Policy - (3/17/2020)

Effective Immediately


In response to the situation at hand and in the interest of the health of our members and staff we will be implementing emergency temporary changes to our current referral system. The following items will be implemented immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.


  1. There will be no refusal penalties attached to any job offer or posting until further notice. (The purpose of this change is so that no member is forced to go to work if they are uncomfortable with the situation or feels unsafe)


  2. Members will not be required to physically go to the union hall to sign the “Out Of Work Book” after a layoff to get their name placed on the “Out Of Work Book”. To have your name placed on the book you must call in to the referral office during business hours and speak with a staff member via telephone. You MUST provide a picture of your final pay stub or employer provided termination slip via email or fax of on the day you want to get on the book. Please send a picture or copy by email to referral@ibewlocal102.org or fax to 973-887-1902.(The purpose of this change is to eliminate the need for members to leave their home during the state of emergency, and to implement social distancing policies established by the State of NJ)


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